Maintaining a Culture and Tradition

The Kokonut Pacific brand was originally founded over 25 years ago by Australian Dr. Dan Etherington. Whilst on a remote island of Tuvalu, he discovered from Islanders the ancient art of cold pressing coconut oil from sun-dried coconuts.

Dr. Etherington dubbed this manufacturing process, the Direct Micro Expelling method (DME), where pure virgin coconut oil is achieved at the farm household level within an hour of opening the coconuts.

He sought to improve the well-being of rural populations in the tropical islands through the production of premium grade virgin coconut oil and coconut products, and this resulted in the establishment of Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd.

Building A Prosperous Future Together

A family commonly owns and runs the oil processing business, where the Direct Micro Expelling method (DME) retains all the maximum antioxidant and nutrient levels that result in Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Generally employing 10 to 12 workers per village production team, coconuts are both sourced from their own plantations and are supplied from farmers in the surrounding villages. KPSI’s source network covers over 3,000 hectares of registered coconut groves owned by more than 1,000 farmers across the Solomon Islands.

This altogether revitalises the smallholder coconut industry using modern technology while partnering with local communities and firms, NGOs and Governments to ensure that the right support systems are in place to develop and support rural communities in a sustainable and continual cycle.

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