The KOSI Team

Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands Ltd trades under the brand name KOSI.

Based on the edge of Honiara, on a 1-hectare block is the KOSI factory. The hub of the national operations, employing more than 20 staff of both men and women.

The young and vibrant team of Solomon Islanders coordinates the logistics of oil collection, shipping, finance, quality control, support services, cosmetic production and certifications.


KOSI contracts the Coconut Technology Center (CTC) to provide the installation, training and extensions services necessary including the organic certification inspections and training. KOSI works closely with the association of producers and farmers and the CTC.

The Virgin Coconut Oil Producers Association was formed to give a collective voice to the rural producers, empowering them to participate in the value chain development.

The Coconut Technology Center is a charitable Trust that was established to provide, training, research and support services to the network of village producers. KOSI contracts the CTC to provide the installation, training and extensions services necessary including the organ certification inspections and training.

Supporting Cultures, Tradition & Communities

Coconuts have been central to Solomon Island rural communities for many decades, shaping our lives, tradition and livelihood. This abundant resource is fundamental to food security and, historically, to cash incomes.

In 2004 Colin Dyer, based in the Solomon Islands, was exploring how to promote village enterprise and livelihoods. Along with Matthew Waletofea and Rev Eric Takila they embarked on a partnership with Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd of Australia – particularly with Dr Dan Etherington, Ewan Blair and Greg Wright, forming Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands Ltd.

The goal of the social enterprise was to create a network of village businesses producing Virgin Coconut Oil using the DME technology developed by Dr Dan Etherington of Canberra.

The village network has grown to include more than 100 units across the Solomon Islands in 2020. These independent village units, harvesting from more than 3000 hectares of organically certified coconut stands, producing more than 100 tonnes of VCO per annum to create sustainable, environmentally friendly and village-rhythm-appropriate livelihoods.

In 2023 KPSI expanded into cocoa and is working with famers to produce high quality, originally certified cocoa beans, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Currently around 100 farmers and 10 drying units are supplying KPSI and we are hoping to double that by 2024.

Building A Prosperous Future Together

A family commonly owns and runs the oil processing business, where the Direct Micro Expelling method (DME) retains all the maximum antioxidant and nutrient levels that result in Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Generally employing 10 to 12 workers per village production unit, coconuts are both sourced from their own plantations and are supplied from farmers in the surrounding villages. KOSI’s source network covers over 3,000 hectares of registered coconut groves owned by more than 1,000 farmers across the Solomon Islands.

Many coconut plantations have cocoa trees growing under the coconut palm story, giving the farmers added production from their land. Farmers are able to sell their cocoa beans to a local fermenting and drying plant, supported by KPSI, who then sell the dried beans into the value chain.

This altogether revitalises the smallholder coconut and cocoa industry using modern technology while partnering with local communities and firms, NGOs and Governments to ensure that the right support systems are in place to develop and support rural communities in a sustainable and continual cycle.

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